said that the change waas happing much faster than

Orange is the new red

## ## FOOTBALL: Country United football club have undergone a big change with their look.

The once red and black Redbacks have re branded after forming an alliance with Wests Leagues Club, resulting in the birth of the Country United Tigers.

Media spokesman for the club, Rhys Cappello, said that the new jerseys represented a massive change within the club and all senior players who will don the uniforms this weekend are proud to be sporting the new colours.

“We are no longer just playing for a team, but we are playing for a club, he said.

Country United Tigers don their new orange and black strips Contributed

“The committee, especially the executive committee lead by Darrell McLennan, have worked tirelessly in order to rebuild our re establish our club, as one of the powerhouses in Mackay football. said that the change waas happing much faster than they expected, with the senior sides already outfitted in the new jerseys and the junior sides showing a promising future.

Country United wished to thank their sponsors, life members and community.

They hope to see the community rally behind the teams and watch the Premier Men’s team take on Whitsunday this Saturday.

Kick off is at 2pm Western Suburbs Leagues Club.

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